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Point of Interrupted Departures, installation view, photo Boris Cvjetanović

The MOMAD Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik presents under the high patronage of the cities of Dubrovnik and Venice the group show Point of Interrupted Departures to coincide with the 58th Venice Biennale. The exhibition gathers the works of Croatian artists Izvor Pende, Slaven Tolj and Marijana Pende in the location of Tesa 100 at the Arsenale Nord. The show – curated by Daniele Capra and Michael Stoeber – celebrates the relationship between the two cities after strong social, political and artistic connections lasting for centuries.

Point of Interrupted Departures analyses how the artistic process is the result of a dynamics characterized by the departure from the known, that is the creative trigger, and then by the actions of afterthought and changing of direction, which involve a deviation of the intellectual drive towards other goals, towards other approaches and methods of research never undertaken before. The practice of the three artists is a succession of attempts, continuous departures and free negotiations from the psychic and conceptual point of view. The artwork is in fact the result of an articulated polygonal chain drawn by the artist, in which her/his research is progressively carried out further and further from the initial purpose, in continuous cycles of action and interruption.

Point of Interrupted Departures, installation view, work by Izvor Pende, photo Boris Cvjetanović

The abstract paintings presented by Izvor Pende imply figuration, which however goes well beyond the purely figurative. Pende has ventured into the exploration of multiple layers of pictorial spaces and in the presented series of paintings widened his range of his colours, providing additional depth and perspective. The struggle for the successful form had always been the utmost priority for the artist, not the reproduction of specific contents. For him, the creation is part of a long process, involving drawing as an important base. The seemingly figurative of his abstract compositions in the Arsenale makes the viewer search for the familiar and recognizable, while never reaching and grasping it fully.

Point of Interrupted Departures, installation view, work by Slaven Tolj, photo Boris Cvjetanović

Slaven Tolj, an artist formed in the tradition of Arte Povera and the Croatian New Art Practice, implicates difficult subjects such as death and loss, closeness without a palpable body, disappearance of people, fading of the city the way we know it. In his multi-media and video performance works, present in the Arsenale, it is the experience and the having-lived-through-things that are the key determinants of the body of the artist’s work that constantly changes, and ages, and is renewed once more, never ceasing to question the viewer and inciting him to ponder and reflect on this own life and meaning.

Point of Interrupted Departures, installation view, works by Marijana Pende, photo Boris Cvjetanović

The artistic practice of Marijana Pende stems from the drive to explore the perceptive and emotional potentials of sculpture, as well as the social and economic implications of the materials used. Works from the serie Looking forward to seeing you, created specifically for the exhibition in Venice, emerge from the combination of coloured and functional acrylic with other more material and seductive elements which are results of intense experimentation. In Looking forward to seeing you, Pende presents a possible relationship, a surprising dialogue between counterparts, and it is up to the spectator to listen to it carefully, word after word.